Did you know that Southern Geoscience Consultants has expanded its capability in Passive Seismic? SGC has developed a processing and visualisation tool designed to efficiently handle passive seismic data from all common instruments, including the MoHo Tromino and SARA GeoBox.

Software supplied by instrument manufacturers include the necessary tools for processing individual station traces, but are less effective at processing large datasets. The software and procedures designed by SGC improve all steps of a project stream, from editing and processing to visualisation and interpretation.

SGC’s software allows for the effective editing and processing of large datasets by handling multiple stations simultaneously. Our software allows for the rapid creation of grid and stacked plot sections to aid identification and tracking of resonant frequency features on plots of the Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR).

We have extensive experience working with HVSR data from various geological settings. For example, we have used it for mapping paleo channels in Australia, estimating depth to bedrock and other stratigraphic boundaries, and assessing the thickness of glacial till in Canada.

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