Are you in need of instrumentation for earthquake monitoring, exploration, soil investigations, and risk assessment? Southern Geoscience Consultants is the representative in Australia and Canada of SARA Instruments, which manufactures high-quality and cost-effective equipment for passive and active seismological, geophysical, engineering, and vibration studies.

SARA’s  product range consists of a wide range of high-quality seismological equipment, including the cost-effective three-component GeoBox seismometer for passive seismic surveys, broadband sensors, borehole and post-hole sensors, a fully modular seismograph for passive and active surveys (e.g., MASW, Refraction, ReMi, and ESAC/SPAC), and a modular real-time network system, the Digital Array.

Additionally, SARA offers a range of software products for data recording and processing, as well as turnkey solutions for monitoring the structural health of critical infrastructure (e.g., dams, high-rise buildings)

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