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Southern Geoscience Consultants (SGC) is a group of highly experienced geophysicists based in Perth, Western Australia, who provide independent, specialised consulting services to the mineral and petroleum exploration industries globally.

Working with all types of geoscientific data, our services include the planning, management, quality control, processing, imaging and interpretation of geophysical surveys, management of exploration programs, targeting and design of drill holes, GIS and data compilations, project evaluations, sales of multi-client data and value-added products, instrument rentals, rock property measurements and software development.

Since its inception in 1985, the group has consulted to over a thousand organisations worldwide and has been associated with several major discoveries, including the DeGrussa VMS deposit, Maggie Hays, Emily Ann and Cosmos nickel deposits, the Chatterbox gold deposit, and the Kintyre uranium deposit.


Hot Chili has been working with Southern Geoscience for almost four years now. We have always found SGC to be very helpful and knowledgeable and have been very pleased with the high quality service that they always provide.We have undertaken several aeromagnetic surveys in Chile which SGC have project managed for us, from the initial tender process through to delivery of final processed imagery. This is no easy task given language and time differences in Chile, but to SGC’s credit they have forged a good working relationship with geophysical service providers in Chile to make this happen.SGC have always been willing to complete any work that we require, and have been involved with our technical generative team discussions and planning. I would happily recommend SGC to any company looking for professional geoscience services.
Melanie LeightonCorporate Projects ManagerHot Chili LimitedApplecross, Western Australia

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Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants would like to congratulate Legend Mining Limited (ASX: LEG) on the discovery of massive nickel-copper sulphides at Mawson (formerly Area D) in the Fraser Range.  The original Area D prospect was identified at a regional scale as a discrete 1.5km x 1km gravity high (4mGal) with an associated magnetic signature suggestive of a structural fold closure or intrusive feature.  A significant nickel-copper-cobalt intersection of 14.9m @ 1.07% Ni, 0.75% Cu, 0.06% Co from 114m, including 2.1m @ 2.03% Ni, 1.34% Cu, 0.11% Co from 115.5m was returned in RKDD007 associated with mafic/ultramafic intrusives.  DHTEM surveying has been completed for RKDD007 utilising a comprehensive set of loops/associated coupling scenarios, further modelling/assessment is in progress.

SGC Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimer is managing the ongoing DHTEM and regional MLTEM programme efforts.  Extensive new exploration efforts are expected for the 2020 programme.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants are excited to be working with Black Cat Syndicate (ASX:BC8) on the SAM survey extensions at the Bulong Gold Project in Western Australia.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have supervised/assisted a recent detailed helicopter-borne magnetic and radiometric geophysical survey for Carawine Resources Limited (ASX: CWX) for their Jamieson Project in northwest Victoria. The survey was an outstanding success supporting the potential for porphyry targets beneath Hill 800 and Rhyolite Creek, confirming existing targets and providing a number of exciting new anomalies.

SGC Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimer is managing the post processing/data enhancement and 2D/3D modelling of specific areas/targets of interest.

Current News

Come along to the final Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) Western Australia event for 2019, tomorrow 3/12 at 8:00am, to hear from SGC Senior Geophysicist Remke van Dam on how a range of proven and emerging geophysical technologies can complement traditional contaminated site intrusive methods and optimise project outcomes.

For more information, visit

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants are excited to be working on the recently acquired aeromagnetic survey flown by IronRidge Resources at their Zaranou Project in Cote D’Ivoire.

Read full announcement here

Current News

SGC Chairman, Bill Peters will be in London this week attending the HiTech AlkCarb Horizon 2020 Project Geomodel Launch. He is an invited Expert Councillor for this EU funded research project and provides advice on airborne geophysical surveys over alkaline complexes and carbonatites around the world.

More information is at:

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants Chief Geophysicist – SGC Americas – Robert Hearst and SGC Chairman Bill Peters look forward to meeting with current, past, and future clients at the 17th Mines and Money London 2019 on 25 – 27 November.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants Senior Geophysicist Remke van Dam and Principal Geophysicist Karen Gilgallon will be attending the Australasian Groundwater Conference from the 25 – 27 November and they look forward to meeting with current, past, and future clients.

Karen will be presenting a series of case studies on the use of Geophysics for Hydrogeological Applications on Tuesday 26th in the Boulevard Breakout Room 3 from 10.30am.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants congratulate Centaurus Metals (ASX Code: CTM) on intersecting broad zones of semi-massive to massive nickel sulphides in their first three drill-holes completed as a part of its maiden drilling campaign at the Jaguar Nickel Sulphide Project in north-eastern Brazil.

Centaurus report sulphide zones encountered correlate extremely well with historical high-grade intersections, and with the Down-hole Electromagnetic (DHEM) and Fixed-loop Electromagnetic (FLEM) conductor plates, which were recently modelled by SGC Principal Geophysicist Grant Couston as part of re-processing work on historic data.

Centaurus agree that the electromagnetic technique is the appropriate geophysical methodology for delineating targets in all future in-fill and extensional drilling of the high-grade nickel sulphide targets at Jaguar.

Current News

Exciting to see the geophysics showcased in Mako Gold’s hunt for West African high-grade gold deposits. A great NewGenGold Conference presentation from General Manager Exploration Ann Ledwidge.

Current News

“DHEM gamechanger for Bellevue exploration.” A great presentation from Bellevue Gold Limited Chief Geologist Sam Brooks on their Bellevue discoveries at the NewGenGold Conference, in Perth Western Australia.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants Principal Geophysicist Anne Tomlinson looks forward to meeting with current, past, and future clients at the NewGenGold 2019 Conference tomorrow at Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth, Western Australia.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants are the sales agents for J.A. Hallberg Mapping. Jack Hallberg has 50 years experience in geological field mapping. Jack has mapped over 300 standard 1:25,000 sheets within the gold- and nickel-rich greenstone belts of the Yilgarn Craton.

For further information contact

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Southern Geoscience Consultants Chief Geophysicist – SGC Americas – Robert Hearst looks forward to meeting with current, past, and future clients at the 12th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM) on 29 – 31 October.

Current News

Dreadnought Resources (DRE) have completed their second drillhole, CHDD002, into the second FLEM target at their Chianti VMS prospect at the Tarraji-Yampi project in W.A.’s far north. The hole intersected two zones of stringer and semi-massive to massive sulfide mineralisation in what is interpreted to be an overturned and folded VMS system.

The results of the drilling have confirmed the geophysical models produced by SGC Principal Geophysicist Grant Couston, from FLEM data acquired by SGC’s own acquisition crew during a helicopter supported field campaign earlier this year. A DHEM crew is now being mobilised to follow-up on these exciting results. SGC would like to congratulate the DRE exploration team and Managing Director Dean Tuck on the systematic and integrated approach to targeting which has led to their success at Chianti.

Current News
Sub Audio Magnetics (SAM) is a patented technique that allows for the simultaneous high definition mapping of the magnetic and electrical properties in the ground – without sacrificing either quality or efficiency. Standard surveys can require grounded electrodes, levelled sensors and stationary measurements – limiting the terrain that can be covered in a day.
Spatial resolution is therefore often sacrificed for survey area coverage rates. The SAM technique bypasses such issues – providing particularly good value for money survey.
For more information on SAM technique contact or read more here
Current News
SGC are specialists in geophysical exploration for many commodities and mineralisation styles with a key focus on gold discovery. Potential field methods (magnetics and gravity) are used to map magnetic minerals and density variation to produce litho-structural geological maps, 3D models and to identify targets.
Electromagnetic methods can identify, map and model conductive gold-related massive sulphides including those related to BIF deposits and shear zone controlled conductive sediments. Sub-audio magnetics simultaneously maps magnetic and electrical characteristics of rocks including mineralisation and/ or related geological features such as shear zones, disseminated and massive sulfides. Induced polarisation can directly detect disseminated and massive sulfides, and map lithology and alteration.
For more information contact or read more here:
Current News

Golden State Mining (ASX:GSM) are pleased to announce the completion of MLTEM surveys at the Yule North Project. SGC Principal Geophysicist Anne Tomlinson is working with Golden State to plan a follow-up fixed loop EM survey to further define the BYC1 conductor that has been delineated.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have been providing geophysical support to Dreadnought Resources (DRE) at the Chianti VMS Prospect at their Tarraji-Yampi Project in WA’s Kimberley region.

SGC’s niche acquisition crew performed helicopter-supported TEM data acquisition over the project in May 2019, along with EM modelling by Principal Geophysicist Grant Couston, to provide drill targeting for DRE’s first drillhole, CHDD001, which intersected a 12.7m zone of stringer and semi-massive to massive sulfides indicative of an overturned VMS (Cu-Zn) system.

SGC  would like to congratulate DRE on the exciting results from their maiden drillhole at the Chianti VMS Prospect.

Current News
Groundwater is an essential part of life, especially in Australia. Whether it’s for urban planning, agriculture, mining, industry or even for recreational use, the success of many projects depends on securing a suitable, reliable and cost- effective source of water. Moreover, existing sources are often under threat from over-extraction, saline intrusion and contamination. Finding and intelligently managing that source of water is where SGC can help!
SGC can design and manage your survey, process and interpret the data, and identify and prioritise targets for drilling, and assess and monitor intrusion, contamination and managed aquifer recharge. SGC’s team of professional geoscientists will work closely with you to ensure the optimal result to maximise the benefit to your project.
Contact for more information.
Current News
Southern Geoscience Consultants has experience with a comprehensive range of geophysical techniques that are suitable in the assessment of contaminated sites. These include Time- and Frequency-Domain Electromagnetics (TDEM, FDEM), Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI), Induced Polarization (IP), Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), Magnetometry, Seismic Refraction, and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).
Contact for more information.
Current News

Geophysical methods can reliably investigate geotechnical properties of in-situ soil and bedrock as well as engineered structures such as dams. Structural information includes the depth to bedrock and phreatic water level, soil strength and stiffness, fractures and underground voids. Detailed insight can also be obtained on foundation features, water percolation and liquefaction potential.

Geophysical solutions employed by SGC to conduct these investigations include Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), Seismic Refraction surveys, Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI), Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

Contact for more information.

Current News

Bellevue Gold Limited (ASX: BGL) confirm the discovery of new bonanza grade gold lodes (Mavis and Deacon) at the Bellevue Gold Project. Southern Geoscience Consultants have been providing BGL with geophysical support on this project in relation to down-hole TEM surveying, which initially detected these lodes due to the strong association of conductive sulfides (pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite) with the gold mineralisation.

The SGC team would like to congratulate BGL on their success at Bellevue.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants has reviewed and re-modelled existing surface and downhole EM over the Jaguar Nickel Project, Carajás Mineral Province, Brazil for Centaurus Metals LImited (ASX:CTM). Exceptional initial results confirming; a 400m long FLEM conductor, coincident with historical high-grade nickel sulphide intersections (18.0m at 2.19% Ni and 7.9m at 2.18% Ni), at the Onça-Preta Deposit and a 600m long EM conductor plate at the Onça-Rosa Target, which has been tested by only two historical diamond drill-holes, with one returning an outstanding intercept of 7.9m @ 5.27% Ni.

SGC Principal Geophysicist Grant Couston will continue to work on the FLEM and DHEM survey data from the remaining Jaguar Deposit area.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants are providing ongoing support to Havilah Resources Limited (ASX: HAV) for their Mutooroo Copper-Cobalt District in SA. The VTEM survey was flown over Havilah’s priority targets in the vicinity of the Mutooroo deposit and has highlighted a number of anomalies that will be followed-up via ground EM surveying. The Scorpion prospect has been confirmed as a priority one type target.

The final data has been reviewed, analysed and interpreted by SGC Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimer.

Current News

SGC would like to congratulate Bellevue Gold Mines Ltd (BGL) on the new high-grade gold discovery (Deacon Lode) intersected beneath the historic Bellevue Gold Mine.

SGC geophysicists have been providing geophysical support to BGL with regard to the planning, modelling and interpretation of downhole electromagnetic surveys to identify and delineate conductive massive sulfides that host the gold mineralisation at Bellevue.

Current News

SGC’s Managing Director David Chapman, Principal Geophysicist Anne Tomlinson and Senior Consulting Geophysicist Russell Mortimer will be attending 2019 Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum again this year. They are looking forward to meeting with current, past, and future clients. 

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants are providing ongoing geophysical assistance to Carawine Resources Limited (ASX: CWX) for their Paterson Project in Western Australia. Preliminary data from a helicopter-borne electromagnetic (VTEM Max) survey completed over the Red Dog tenement has identified several new targets for gold and base metal mineralisation in one of Australia’s most exciting provinces. Sixteen new EM anomalies have been identified within prospective host rocks under shallow cover, representing either discrete bedrock conductors (potential sulphide mineralisation) or resistive zones (potential alteration patterns).

SGC Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimer is managing the final data processing, modelling and recommendations as to the optimal means to prioritise/test these targets.

Current News
Southern Geoscience Consultants is assisting Capricorn Metals (ASX:CMM) with their on-going geophysical work in the Mundiwindi greenstone region. Following the identification of this new greenstone region, Capricorn has now completed a 350 km2, high-resolution (50m line spaced) airborne magnetic-radiometric survey. Processing and interpretation of the dataset is on-going.
The survey results, together with geochemical soil sampling, are successfully being used to determine prospective areas and generate drill targets.
Current News

Corazon Mining Ltd (ASX: CZN) have engaged Southern Geoscience Consultants (SGC) to supervise/manage a reconnaissance IP programme for their Mt Gilmore Cobalt-Copper-Gold Sulphide Project in NSW. Multiple large geophysical targets have been identified from the ongoing 2D transect surveying below large copper-cobalt-silver soil anomalies.

The SGC team, led by Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimerwill provide guidance on provisional infill and aid the drill targeting efforts once all data has been processed/inverted.

Current News

A review of Golden State Mining’s (ASX:GSM) Yule Project by SGC Principal Geophysicist Anne Tomlinson has identified 17 priority gold, base metal and rare earth element target areas. These will be the focus of GSM’s exploration activities in the current field season. A ground EM crew is being engaged to follow-up priority targets in the Yule North tenement and aircore drilling over priority targets in the southern tenements is expected to commence in the second half of 2019.


Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants has reviewed and refined drill hole targeting from a VTEM Airborne EM survey over the Lorraine Project, Quebec, Canada for Chase Mining Corporation Ltd (ASX:CML). We look forward to the results from their forthcoming drilling of these targets.

Current News

Comet Resources Ltd (ASX: CRL) have engaged Southern Geoscience Consultants (SGC) to manage an airborne electromagnetic survey (EM) at the Springdale Graphite Project in southern West Australia. The recent discovery of two high-grade zones of graphite mineralisation confirmed the ability to target shallow, high-grade graphite mineralisation using electromagnetic surveys.

SGC Principal Geophysicist Greg Maude is managing the EM Survey and will work with Comet’s team to provide a prioritised lists of targets and models.


Current News
Southern Geoscience Consultants are providing on-going geophysical support to Carawine Resources Limited (ASX : CWX) for their Paterson Project in Western Australia. A recently completed detailed aeromagnetic survey over Baton tenements has identified several compelling magnetic targets prospective for gold and copper mineralisation. Initial modelling demonstrates these anomalies are relatively close to surface, so they can be tested via low-cost drilling methods.
The SGC team, led by Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimer are providing assistance with data enhancement, modelling, targeting efforts plus follow-up prospect scale detailed gravity surveying.
Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have been assisting Strategic Elements (ASX: SOR) at their Behemoth Project in the Gibson Desert, supervising, modelling and interpreting gravity and IP surveys that have identified deep (300-500m) anomalous zones with potential to host sulphidic alteration and mineralization.

Strategic rate the results in the surveys as an outstanding success, identifying multiple targets which they plan to drill test, having been successful in securing $150,000 funding from the Western Australian Government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have completed a detailed 2D and 3D modelling of the processed gravity survey data for Auroch Minerals Limited (ASX: AOU) at their Arden Zinc Project, South Australia. The gravity anomaly may be indicative of thickened mineralised horizons of the high-density, high-grade zinc mineral smithsonite which was identified in drill-hole RRDD007 and will provide a direct targeting tool for the next phase of drilling.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have been assisting Buxton Resources Limited (ASX : BUX) recent extensional exploration efforts for their Merlin/Quick Shears Project, West Kimberley WA.  A review of historic helicopter electromagnetics (VTEM) survey data has identified numerous untested anomalies, two of which are coincident with recently discovered Ni-Cu sulphide in the Ruins Dolerite.  Also of interest is the presence of a developing prospect scale gravity high at the boundary of Merlin and Quick Shears towards the NW.

The SGC team, led by Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimer will aid ongoing geophysical exploration this field season and optimise upcoming vectoring/targeting.


Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have assisted Calidus Resources Limited (ASX: CAI) with their recent induced potential (IP) survey that has identified a strong chargeability anomaly similar to and located immediately to the south of the 1.15 million ounce Klondyke deposit at its Warrawoona Gold Project.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have been managing Estrella Resources Limited (ASX : ESR) recent geophysical programme efforts for their Carr Boyd Rocks Project, Kalgoorlie WA. Direct drill targeting of the previously identified T5 MLTEM conductor (Phase II programme) has resulted in a significant new discovery of nickel and copper mineralisation, which is situated ~1200m northwest of the historic Carr Boyd Nickel Mine.

The SGC team, led by Consultant Geophysicis Russell Mortimer will assist with upcoming high powered DHTEM survey efforts to define extensional conductors and optimise upcoming next round drilling efforts.

SGC would like to congratulate Estrella and their associated technical team on these significant initial results.

Read full announcement

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have assisted TP Energy Group (ASX: TPE) recent geophysical programme efforts for their Kathleen Valley Project, Leinster WA. Direct drill targeting of a historic VTEM/FLTEM conductor has resulted in a significant new discovery of blind Zn-Au-Ag mineralisation.

The SGC team, led by Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimer have been applying high powered FLTEM/DHTEM survey efforts to highlight extensional conductors and new vectors for drill testing.

SGC would like to congratulate TPE on their focussed exploration approach and these significant initial results.

Read full announcement:

Current News
The Southern Geoscience Consultants “niche acquisitions” team are conducting ground TEM surveys on behalf of Dreadnought Resources (ASX: DRE), at their Tarraji-Yampi Ni-Cu-Au project in the Northwest Kimberley region of W.A. These surveys are designed to follow-up on VTEM anomalies detected over VMS, Ni-Cu and Cu-Au targets in this exciting project area.
Current News

Comet Resources Ltd (ASX: CRL) have announced the discovery of two new, high-grade, graphite zones at their Springdale Graphite Project near Ravensthorpe. These targets were identified from ground electromagnetic (EM) surveys carried out and interpreted by Southern Geoscience Consultants. These new graphite zones are particularly significant as they host high-grade, near-surface mineralisation that has the potential to extend over several kilometres of strike.

Read full report here:


Current News

A recently-completed geophysics review for Red 5 Limited (ASX: RED) by Southern Geoscience Consultants, including lithostructural interpretation and other integrated datasets has identified multiple new high-priority targets along the Ursus and Tarmoola Fault Zones’ structural corridors.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have assisted Myanmar Metals Ltd (ASX: MYL) and are pleased to refer to their announcement of the discovery of the new high-grade Copper lode at Bawdwin in the ER Valley. Further downhole geophysical surveys are planned to refine drill targeting at the new discovery at the ER Valley and to follow up on the highly prospective Yegon Deeps anomaly.


Current News
SGC’s Principal Geophysicist Anne Tomlinson in collaboration with GAP Geophysics have been working with Marindi Metals (ASX: MZN), who is pleased to announce that the geophysical review at the Great Southern gold project has validated the initial targeting work enhancing the understanding of the mineralisation styles and structural trends and delivered multiple high-potential targets, including the very exciting and extensive GS19 target.
A 300 hole shallow auger program has just been completed to help prove up the mineralisation potential at GS19. Assays results are pending.
See the full announcements here:
Current News
Southern Geoscience Consultants have assisted Alliance Resources Limited (ASX: AGS) and are pleased to announce they have received the report on the results of the 3DIP survey at the Weednanna gold deposit, which forms part of the Wilcherry Project Joint Venture between Alliance (81.41%) and Tyranna Resources Ltd (ASX Code: TYX) (18.59%), with Alliance moving to 100% ownership in mid-March.
In collaboration with DIAS-GAP Geophysics a detailed 3D inversion model of the dataset was generated and delivered to SGC’s, Senior Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimer for assessment, interpretation and definition of primary IP target zones.
The 3DIP survey has produced a high resolution chargeability model that closely correlates with underlying geological detail/mapping and known gold mineralisation. Many of the targets appear to correlate with the margins of the known gold shoots and some have clear structural control given aeromagnetic/gravity datasets. Overall the 3DIP inversion results will be further analysed in conjunction with the full/most recent drilling results, structural interpretation and 3D aeromagnetic/gravity inversion model results.
Current News

SGC and ASEG are excited to announce that Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data by Geoscientists David Isles and Leigh Rankin has been made available to download FREE. The book is a practical manual for aeromagnetic interpretation written primarily for geologists. Download your copy here –

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants have assisted Orion Minerals Limited (ASX/JSE: ORN) regional geophysical programme efforts at their Prieska Zinc-Copper Project, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. The SGC team, led by Senior Consultant Geophysicist Russell Mortimer have been supervising the near-mine exploration program. A helicopter-borne Electromagnetic/Magnetic survey (SkyTEM 312HP) was completed over the Repli, Vardocube and Bartotrax prospecting rights, which form part of the Prieska Zinc-Copper Project during December 2018 (refer to ASX release 16th January 2019).

In addition, Orion has now received final optimised models for Down-hole Time Domain Electromagnetic (DHTDEM) surveys targeting possible extensions of the Deep Sulphide Mineral Resource.

Both surveys have been highly successful/effective in identifying priority targets for follow-up exploration and drill testing.

Read the full release here

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Current News

SGC’s Bill Peters, David Chapman and Robert Hearst will be attending the PDAC 2019 in Toronto March 3-6. Come see us at Booth 249 (CSA Global booth) South Exhibit Hall or contact us on +1 (416) 407 6355 to arrange a meeting.

Current News

SGC is attending the RIU Explorers Conference. We look forward in meeting up with current, past, and future clients.

Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants are assisting Lithium Australia (ASX: LIT) with geophysical support for their Youanmi, WA Project. The SGC team, led by Consultant Geophysicist Bill Peters recently implemented a high-resolution aeromagnetics and radiometrics over the project.

SGC look forward to the interpretation of this survey and exploration success at this project.

Read the Lithium Australia ASX Announcement here.

Current News

Southern Geoscience are pleased to announce they are acting sales agents for J.A. Hallberg Mapping. Jack Hallberg has 50 years experience in field mapping with component integration of scientific and exploration data, with mapping conducted in Canada, USA, Southern Africa and Australia. It is believed that this database is unique in incorporating extensive petrographic and geochemical support and offering consistent mapping carried out by one person.

SGC will be launching a new interactive web page which is coming soon. For further information contact

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Current News

Dave Chapman from Southern Geoscience Consultants is looking forward to meeting with past and future clients the Association for Mineral Exploration (AME) Roundup held at the Vancouver Convention Centre East, under the sails of Canada Place from January 28-31, 2019.


Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants Robert Hearst, Chief Geophysicist – AMERICAS will be presenting on Integrated imaging of mineral deposits combining geophysical and geological data sets’ at the Imdex Limited and CSA Global Xploration Technology Symposium in Vancouver on Friday, 25 January 2019.

Further information about the symposium can be found here:

Xploration Technology Symposium – Presented by IMDEX and CSA Global

Current News

Did you know that Southern Geoscience Consultants designed Passive Seismic Processing and Visualisation Software that allows for the rapid creation of grid and stacked plot sections to aid identification and tracing of resonant frequency features on Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR), making TROMINO® passive seismic data processing more effective.

The recent uptake in the passive seismic technology has opened the door for improved mapping of basement surface and its structural complexity. SGC has developed and are utilising a passive seismic (PS) processing and visualisation tool specially designed for the TROMINO® instrument data.


Current News

Southern Geoscience Consultants (SGC) is one of the largest geophysical consultancies in the world, providing leading edge geophysical and geoscience solutions to clients across the mineral and petroleum industries. We work with all types of airborne, surface and downhole geophysical/geoscientific data.

Our large and varied client base provides our staff with the opportunity to work with a diverse array of geophysical methods, data types and geological problems, providing an environment in which to expand their skills supported by a team of highly experienced Principal and Senior Consulting Geophysicists. The position is based in Belmont (Perth), Western Australia.

We are looking for an experienced Principal Geophysicist to support our business growth. To apply you will need to demonstrate that you meet the following requirements and have experience with:

  • The design and supervision of geophysical surveys
  • QC of geophysical survey data
  • Geophysical data processing and imaging
  • Geophysical data modelling and interpretation for a range of geophysical techniques
  • Good knowledge of, and experience in, diverse mineralisation styles and commodities
  • Client liaison
  • Report writing
  • Field acquisition or exploration company experience would be an advantage

Depending on the skills and experience of the applicant, they may be requested to perform specific tasks in some of the following areas;

  • Design and management of exploration programs
  • Software development, testing and evaluation (both commercial and in-house packages)
  • Development of, and participation in, company management systems such as marketing and product services
  • Generation of case studies and technical presentations for conferences and marketing purposes
  • On-site supervision and/or training of field survey crews
  • Repairs, testing and management of the SGC geophysical equipment rental pool

The applicant will be expected to;

  • Provide technical guidance and support to SGC and client teams where possible
  • Build technical knowledge and keep up to date with new techniques/methods and share knowledge with other Geophysicists
  • Represent SGC at industry meetings, conferences and events and actively network with industry personnel and promote SGC services and products
  • Build and maintain good working relationships with others

We offer an attractive package and an enjoyable and family friendly work environment.

Interested applicants should forward their resume including details of professional references together with a covering letter that addresses the requirements stated above to All applications will be acknowledged and treated as strictly confidential.



Current News

SGC in the news! A great article in the Mining Journal on Echo Resources’ Yandal-focussed exploration strategy. SGC geophysicists have been working with Echo to collate all available geophysical data and produce geophysics-based interpretations of the geology and regolith profile of the Yandal Belt.

Read the full article here:

Current News

SGC has completed a review of regional geophysical data recently secured from Brazil’s CPRM for the Salobo West Project. The results of the work will assist in planning initial airborne geophysical surveys over the project.

Read the full announcement here:

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