SGC freely maintains and will distribute public datasets for two EM test ranges in Western Australia.

The data may be used for the following applications:

  • Assist companies in the development of new and improved hardware and software.
  • Enable direct performance comparisons of systems.
  • Assist students & researchers with the supply of modern, state-of-the-art datasets.

Data will be supplied on request via Contact Us

SGC supplies dataset for two EM test ranges: Forrestania & Nepean. The targets are different and cover ground typical of the WA Goldfields. The sites have discrete small sulphide orebodies which are particularly useful for systems used in base metal exploration than must detect deep conductors in a conductive earth. They have been surveyed by a different mix of systems.

Forrestania EM Test Range

  • 85km east of Hyden
  • Key targets include a shallow (<100m) and deep (300-400m) sulphide conductors.
  • Known AEM surveys are: VTEM(2007)m, ZTEM(2010), HELITEM (2011), VTEM-max (2011)
  • Known Ground EM surveys are: FLTEM coil and HT squid, MLTEM coil and fluxgate, DHEM (coil),
  • Fixed Loop SAMSON Total Field

Nepean EM Test Range

  • 25km south of Coolgardie (60km from Kalgoorlie)
  • Key targets include several shallow (90m) subvertical sulphide conductors
  • Know AEM surveys are: Hoistem(2004),VTEM(2007),Heligeotem(2008), Aerotem (Jan 2009,
    September 2010), XTEM (2009), VTEM (2011)
  • Known Ground EM surveys are: MLTEM (coil & Fluxgate), DHTEM (coil)

In addition there are other test ranges/lines in WA such as the Kauring Gravity range described by Geoscience