ALGA webinar – Everything you need to know: Geophysics for Assessment of Acid Mine Damage

Join Principal Geophysicist Remke van Dam present a webinar that will provide an overview of the uses and potential benefits of non-invasive geophysical survey methodologies in Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) assessment programs.

Large mining companies and some environmental consultancies have in-house geophysicists. However, most mid-size and smaller companies do not. The aim of this presentation is to broaden the understanding of geophysical survey options for site characterization, hopefully leading to better remediation and closure outcomes across the industry.

Firstly, the presentation will provide a general introduction into geophysics and relevant AMD properties. Secondly, Geophysical methods will be discussed including electromagnetics and electrical resistivity imaging. To conclude, a case study from a former mining operation in Western Australia will illustrate the uses of several of these methods in a real-world application.

The key take-aways for you are that geophysical surveys can visualise the below-ground distribution of AMD and can guide and de-risk sampling and drilling programs.