SGC runs several exploration geophysics and GIS training workshops at various times throughout the year and on demand. These are held at SGC’s West Perth office or we can come to you for customised in-house staff training. If you’re interested in any of our workshops or training, please get in touch at Contact Us.

Available Workshops

Integration of Aeromagnetics and Geology

 A 2-day short course on the methodology of “Aeromagnetic Interpretation”

High quality aeromagnetic data are available over most of the world’s major mineral provinces, but the integration of such data with geological and mineralisation information is frequently cursory and at very regional scales.

This short course illustrates the methodology behind the compilation of detailed solid geology interpretations and the definition of prospect-scale exploration targets using aeromagnetic data. We use examples from a number of mineralised, ‘hard-rock’ environments to show how aeromagnetic data expand the view of geology and sharpen the targeting process. Hands-on exercises form an essential part of the course.

  • The spectrum of Aeromagnetic applications
  • Basic Physics
  • Integration methodology
  • Quantitative and Qualitative interpretation
  • Case histories from a range of terrains at a range of scales


David Isles – has specialised in aeromagnetic applications since the 1980s. He has conducted major interpretation projects throughout Australia and in Africa and the Middle East. He is co-author of the ASEG e-book ‘Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data’ and has developed and presented courses on this since 1991.

Anne Tomlinson – is a dual-qualified geophysicist and geologist with over 15 years’ experience in mining geology and mineral exploration projects worldwide. She specialises in the qualitative and quantitative interpretation of gravity, magnetic and radiometric data, and prospect to regional scale evaluation and target generation.

Sharon Lowe – has over 15 years’ experience in exploration, research and development projects. She has worked on mineral exploration and on oil and gas related projects in Australia, PNG and Indonesia, Africa and Brazil. She specialises in data integration and interpretation as well as quantitative data evaluation methods such as modelling and inversion techniques.

Heather Ballantyne – is qualified in both geophysics and geology, with over 12 years’ experience. She has worked as both a geologist and geophysicist equally throughout her career, with experience ranging from mine geology through to brown and greenfields exploration. During her career, she has gained experience working in several deposit styles.

Yvonne Wallace – has over 15 years’ experience in mineral exploration projects in Australia, PNG and further afield. She specialises in the integration and interpretation of magnetic and radiometric data supplemented with gravity, sub-audio magnetic, and seismic data.  She has worked on projects at prospect through to regional scale and uses modelling techniques to provide quantitative metrics for targeting.

Introduction to MapInfo Basics

SGC’s introductory course is for people with little or no knowledge of MapInfo Pro GIS mapping software. The course will begin with an overview of some basic GIS terms, then we will complete a series of hands-on exercises that will familiarise users with opening and displaying different types of GIS data, making data selections and queries, through to editing and creating new data. We can get you started with the current MapInfo Pro 32-bit version on an SGC workstation or you can bring your own laptop with MapInfo already installed.This course is a must for anyone who wants to learn the basics of MapInfo and utilise our tips and tricks to confidently make great maps.

Course Outline

  • Getting started in MapInfo
  • Exploring the Layer Control
  • Navigating around map windows
  • Opening and registering windows
  • How to digitise, create and edit data
  • Working with browsers
  • Querying data
  • Making map grids and legends
  • Creating final maps


Teddy Stoyanov – graduated with a BEng (Geodesy) majoring in Photogrammetry and Cartography and has over 16 years’ experience in GIS applications to geoscience and the resource sector.

Marion Kelly – holds a BSc in GIS and Computer Science and has almost 20 years’ experience in drafting, data management, data digitisation and geophysical data processing.

Enquiries to Teddy Stoyanov or Marion Kelly. Phone +61 8 6254 5000


Contact us with any expression of interest for other courses or workshops.

Consulting Geophysicist Dave Isles has been training geologists and geophysicists on Geological Interpretation and Structural Analysis of Aeromagnetic Data for over 20 years. Usually partnered by structural geologist Leigh Rankin, they deliver practical, hands on aeromagnetic interpretation short courses within mining and exploration companies, conference workshop programs and as standalone workshops. Dave and Leigh synthesised their years of experience on this topic into a practical manual, with the publication of their e-book “Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data” in 2013.  Read more about Dave Isles and his services,

Equipment Training

As part of our equipment rentals, we provide all the necessary training on their usage as well as field acquisition techniques and best practice.

SGC has also worked closely with a number of clients to purchase their own geophysical survey equipment for long term exploration programs. This culminates in on-site field training of local geophysical crews and on-going data QC. We have trained up crews on ground magnetic, induced polarisation, and surface and downhole EM systems and acquisition in Tanzania, Georgia, Brazil, Malaysia and the Philippines.