Thusitha Nimalsiri

Senior Geophysicist

Thusitha commenced work with SGC in 2022 as Senior Geophysicist. Thusitha graduated with a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Macquarie University and has 10+ years of experience in research and industry geophysics. His undergraduate specialization is in geology, and he holds an MPhil degree in Earth Sciences.

Working in the industry at Fender Geophysics and Macquarie Geotech, he furthered his knowledge and experience in managing geophysical surveys for mineral exploration and geotechnical subsurface characterisation.

At Fender Geophysics he designed and managed gravity and magnetic field surveys and was an active crew member for IP surveys. He has experience in the use of refraction seismic data along with borehole information to interpret the velocity structure of near-surface earth layers for engineering purposes.

During his time on the M.Phil. project, he employed field magnetic, magnetotelluric, and time domain electromagnetic surveys to interpret the deep resistivity structure of the geothermal regions in Sri Lanka. This work entailed mapping mineralised bodies and geothermal regions while actively collaborating with state and foreign stakeholders such as the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau of Sri Lanka and the University of Edinburgh.