Takeshi Sato

Principal Geophysicist - Development

Takeshi graduated from the University of Sydney in 2005 with a BSc. Hons. 1st Class (Geophysics).

After undertaking a summer of seismic processing at Illawarra coal, Takeshi joined a junior exploration company based in Sydney and undertook several campaigns of uranium exploration near Olympic Dam, South Australia.

In 2007, Takeshi moved to Perth, Western Australia, to join a geophysical contracting company, Geoforce Pty Ltd, later GroundProbe Geophysics, where he gained experience in several electromagnetic methods, as well as GPR, Resistivity and shallow seismic methods. Takeshi has played a key role in large geophysical surveys such as the SkyTEM survey over Menindee lakes and the onshore Browse geophysical survey where he was the lead geophysicist.

After his tenure at GroundProbe Geophysics he was an equipment trainer with EMIT as well as a consultant geophysicist with ASST undertaking mainly geotechnical geophysics for a couple of years after which he founded Zen Geophysics Pty Ltd to become a consultant geophysicist.

From 2018, Takeshi was responsible for business development in the Austral-Asia region for Phoenix Geophysics Limited involved in sales and technical support for their EM and MT products.

Takeshi has vast experience in multiple acquisition instrumentation and surveys from environmental geophysics to deep crustal analysis.

He joined SGC in April 2021 as a Principal Geophysicist.

Takeshi is a member of AIG, ASEG, SEGJ and SEG