Pavel Jurza

Principal Geophysicist

Pavel graduated from the Charles University Prague in 1983 with Doctor of Natural Sciences majoring in Applied Geophysics. Over the following ten years, Pavel worked for mineral exploration and geotechnical company Geoindustria Prague as a member and later as a leader of the group, utilising complex ground geophysical methods. In 1994, Pavel became Chief Geophysicist of Picodas Prague Ltd, a subsidiary of World Geoscience Corporation in Europe, with a main focus on airborne and ground monitoring of uranium contaminated mining sites, nuclear facilities and Chernobyl fall-out mapping.

In late 1995, Pavel joined World Geoscience Corporation (later Fugro Airborne Surveys) in Perth as a Senior Geophysicist and continued his work as a specialist in airborne gamma-ray spectrometry and optical hyperspectral technology. This work included research and development, data processing as well as software development.

Since 2003, Pavel has worked as an independent consultant and contractor under the business name Spectronica, in addition to geophysical applications, a lot his work involved algorithm and software development for HyVista Corporation (processing of HyMap scanner data) and also for Geosoft Inc.

Pavel joined SGC in July 2011 and works on data processing, modelling and interpretation of all types of geophysical data. He also develops and maintains SGC’s in-house imaging and specialist processing software, as well as developing proprietary software for clients.