Matthew Hutchens

Principal Geophysicist

Matthew Hutchens has over 15 years experience as a mineral exploration geophysicist. During that time he has worked predominantly as a consultant to Australian exploration companies. He graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2000 with BSc. Hons. (Geophysics) where he was awarded the Normandy Mining Prize for Honours Geophysics.

After initially exploring for diamonds, Matthew joined AsIs International as a geophysical consultant and provided services to mineral exploration companies, predominantly in South Australia. He started AMG Surveys, a ground magnetic acquisition company which has performed more than 50 high resolution surveys to date. Matthew has acquired and operated mineral exploration tenements in South Australia including IOCG, Iron Ore and Orogenic Gold prospects including negotiating various commercial agreements. He oversaw the acquisition and processing of the extremely large (1.6M line km) Gawler Craton Airborne Survey. Matthew joined SGC in 2021 as Principal Geophysicist.

He is an expert in potential field geophysical methods and experienced in all mineral exploration geophysical methods.

Matthew is an active member of ASEG, and has served on the SA/NT and ACT branch committees.