Marion McClimon


Marion graduated from James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland with a BSc in GIS and Computer Science in 1996. She joined SGC in 1997 and has been involved in all aspects of GIS including drafting, database management, data digitisation, and geophysical data processing. She currently coordinates the GIS group and manages SGC’s multi-client data sales. In her role as Database Administrator, Marion has coordinated the overhaul of SGC’s extensive archive of data, including historical reports and survey data, into a digital storage system with detailed metadata. She assists staff in accessing this information which will aid their knowledge base for projects.

Marion also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Education and Teaching from ECU, and has developed MapInfo GIS courses for industry professionals that are regularly held at SGC. She provides attendees with plenty of tips and tricks to help them too make great maps and learn the advantages of using a GIS.