Karen Gilgallon

Principal Geophysicist

Karen graduated from Curtin University of Technology in 2002 with a BSc in Geophysics achieving First Class Honours. Her honours thesis involved a variety of geophysical methods including gravity, EM and downhole logging to investigate the “Geophysical Signature of the Lake Bryde Paleochannel”. After graduating, Karen worked for the Waters and Rivers Commission (now the Department of Environment and Conservation) in the hydrogeology section to help explore for and monitor groundwater resources.

Karen commenced at SGC in 2003 and has worked with numerous geophysical methods exploring for various types of economic mineralisation. She has experience as a field-based supervisor for surveys in Australia, Africa and Papua New Guinea.

As a Principal Geophysicist, she is responsible for the design, management, and interpretation of all types of geophysical surveys. Karen has particular experience in the QC, interpretation and modelling of electrical and electromagnetic methods.

She is currently expanding her geological knowledge by undertaking a Masters in Ore Deposit Geology through the University of Western Australia.

Karen is in active member of the ASEG, AIG and SEG.