Agnieszka Stoch

Geophysicist - Near Surface

I am a geophysicist with comprehensive expertise across all facets of geophysical surveying, encompassing acquisition, data processing, and interpretation. My professional journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Geophysics from AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland, followed by a Master of Science in Physics with a specialisation in Geophysics at Uppsala University in Sweden.

During my academic tenure, I participated in geophysical and geological societies, engaging in workshops and international conferences to broaden my knowledge base. During my studies, I served as a field geophysicist at Uppsala University.

My career progressed with a three-year tenure working as an exploration geophysicist at LKAB in Kiruna, Sweden. This gave me a chance to work with various geophysical methods used for deep mining exploration. It allowed me to gain practical experience, such as equipment operation, maintenance, and in-field logistics, as well as proficiency in data processing, modelling and interpretation. I have extensive field experience with passive and seismic reflection surveys, gravimetry, drone magnetics, MT, Orion DC-IP/MT swath, Mise-a-la-masse, TEM, CSEM, and wireline logging. My proficiency extends to using advanced equipment such as Leica CS20 differential GPS and various navigation devices, essential for data collection in remote and challenging terrains.

I have experience in processing data from body-wave seismic interferometry and seismic reflection surveys using GLOBEClaritas software, integration and interpretation of the results with other available geophysical data and geological borehole data with OasisMontaj, Leapfrog, QGIS and acQuire.

I am eager to leverage my expertise to support innovative geophysical projects and contribute to the company’s growth.