Sharon Lowe

Principal Geophysicist

Sharon Lowe, BSc (Hons) (Geology & Physics), has over 22 years’ experience as a geophysicist, commencing with Gold Fields Mining and Development, where she conducted kimberlite exploration in South Africa and Botswana. She completed numerous feasibility and design studies for new technologies, such as airborne gravity gradiometer systems and airborne hyperspectral scanner configurations, at Quantitative Mineral Exploration (QME), a research and development company.

In Australia she initially worked for iron ore explorer, Warwick Resources Ltd, as their geophysicist and database manager. At Fugro Airborne Surveys she worked on large scale regional airborne gravity gradiometer and aeromagnetic interpretations for projects located in Nigeria, Australia, Tanzania, New Zealand and Brazil. Target commodities included iron oxide copper gold, petroleum, coal and mineral sands.

At SGC her work is primarily aeromagnetic litho-structural interpretation and targeting as well as modelling and 3D inversion of magnetic and gravity data for minerals, petroleum and water applications. Recent mineral exploration projects include gold, iron oxide copper gold and copper porphyry exploration. Petroleum exploration projects include regional and detailed studies of airborne and shipborne potential field data in Papua New Guinea.

Sharon is an active member of the ASEG, SEG and PESA.