Bringing SGC’s leading image processing techniques to your workstation

SGC ImageRobot allows your business to quickly and easily create high quality geospatial images from grids of geophysical, geochemical, or other data. Our unique and industry-leading image processing techniques have been developed over three decades of experience in the mineral exploration sector.

Produce professional imagery from gridded data

Collecting data is only the first step! Producing high quality images from your own internet-connected PC allows for more rigorous interrogation of data and better presentation to stakeholders. Additionally, the images are geo-referenced and can be used in any GIS, modelling, interpretation or map-making software.

Improved interpretation through better visualisation

SGC ImageRobot allows you to produce images using any colour, stretch, shading or combination thereof, allowing you to push your dataset to the limits and extract maximum value.

Integrate datasets to maximise success

By combining and comparing different datasets, you can realise the true potential of your data. SGC ImageRobot allows you to drape and cross compare datasets, promoting simple and informed targeting.

Pricing Guide

NameSGC ImageRobot CreditsPricePer ImageIntroductory Special
2 Images2 SGC ImageRobot Credits$50$25.002 + 5 FREE Images
15 Images15 SGC ImageRobot Credits$250$16.6715 + 10 FREE Images
40 Images40 SGC ImageRobot Credits$500$12.5040 + 15 FREE Images
100 Images100 SGC ImageRobot Credits$1000$10.00100 + 20 FREE Images
250 Images250 SGC ImageRobot Credits$2000$8.00250 + 50 FREE Images
SGC ImageRobot GUI
SGC ImageRobot GUI

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TMI magnetics with east shading
Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI) image with a linear colour stretch and shaded from the east.
Magnetics 1VD pseudocolour
Pseudocolour image of 1VD magnetics.
Magnetics 1VD draped over Gravity
Image of first vertical derivative (1VD) magnetics draped over gravity.
Ternary radiometrics draped over elevation
Ternary image of radiometrics (K-Th-U) draped over elevation.