2D and 3D inversion modelling of geophysical data provides the link between understanding geological processes and how these control geophysical responses. This is particularly important in areas under younger cover, or where geological mapping is sparse.

SGC has the software and expertise to generate unconstrained and constrained inversion models on a variety of data types, including:

  • Magnetic
  • Gravity
  • Airborne gravity gradiometer (AGG)
  • Induced polarisation (IP)
  • Electromagnetic (EM)

We can work at any scale from detailed mine scale through to province or regional scales. SGC maintains the latest software and hardware capabilities, allowing for the rapid generation of very large, high resolution 3D inversion models, with up to 20 million cells for magnetic data, or 5 million cells for gravity data.

Through the inversion process we can:

  • Develop a 2D/3D picture of the physical property type being modelled
  • Map rock types, alteration and structure
  • Gain an understanding of the causative body geometry
  • Generate targets and plan drill holes

The final modelling package includes:

  • All processed products, including any data postings, grids or images produced
  • 3D gravity and magnetic inversion models in UBC (.msh and .sus/.den files) and ASCII (x, y, z) formats
  • A 3D model compilation, including inversion isosurfaces, model slices, draped images and any other relevant layers

Insight through inversion