SGC provides full data processing, imaging, and interpretation services for all magnetic, radiometric, electromagnetic, gravity, induced polarisation, and resistivity data. This can begin with the independent quality control of data during acquisition, right through to the generation of high quality vector and raster image products for interpretation and target generation.

Highly Experienced Explorers and Interpreters
SGC geophysicists are geoscientists with decades of combined experience and understanding of greenfields exploration right down to in-mine target delineation. We have worked on projects across Australia, Oceania, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe, in the search for precious and base metals, iron ore, rare earth elements (REE), uranium, diamonds, and more. We also provide expertise on magnetic and gravity surveying to petroleum exploration companies. We are highly experienced with the quality control, processing and interpretation of airborne gravity gradiometer (AGG) data. Our interpretation services range from the production of detailed litho-structural, and regolith maps for target generation, to quantitative 2D and 3D modelling, to drill hole planning for direct geophysical targets.

Commercial and In-house Software Utilisation
In our experience, there is no single software package that delivers everything that we demand. So we utilise a large suite of the latest commercial data processing, imaging, quantitative modelling and GIS programs, together with proprietary software developed in-house to generate our signature SGC images and process passive seismic (TROMINO®) data.

Value Adding to Legacy Data
We are also highly experienced in the review and processing of historical geophysical data. By applying modern processing, imaging and modelling techniques, significant value can be added and information gained from these legacy datasets, at relatively low cost compared to the acquisition of new data.

Compulsory Reporting
When it comes to compulsory reporting, we help our clients deliver geophysical datasets, in the correct formats, to government departments. We can also act as custodians of airborne multi-client datasets, giving companies the opportunity to earn additional revenue from data resale.