Physical property measurements on selected drill core or grab samples provide quantitative data on contrasts between mineralised and unmineralised host rocks. We use this information to determine suitable techniques for mapping and targeting, to optimise survey planning, constrain geophysical modelling and aid the interpretation of geophysical data.

SGC has a range of petrophysical testing equipment and in-house measuring capabilities. Typical measurements taken by SGC for common geophysical survey methods include:

  • Magnetic Susceptibility for MAGNETIC surveys
  • Density or Specific Gravity for GRAVITY and SEISMIC surveys
  • Inductive (Electromagnetic) Conductivity for ELECTROMAGNETIC (EM) surveys
  • Galvanic (Contact) Resistivity for RESISTIVITY and other electrical surveys
  • Induced Polarisation Chargeability for INDUCED POLARISATION (IP) surveys
  • Magnetic Viscosity for screening SPM (superparamagnetic) anomalies in EM surveys
  • Gamma Spectral Assays for RADIOMETRIC surveys

SGC can provide in-house testing of samples or a range of portable hand-held equipment to use on your project site. We can interpret the data, in the context of your exploration project, and provide relevant recommendations for further geophysical and drill testing.

The cost of physical property testing is a fraction of geophysical surveying, and therefore this is a smart way to de-risk and optimise your geophysical exploration programs.

Download an information flyer here or contact us for more information or a quote to test your rock samples.

SGC can provide in-house testing of samples for a range of physical properties to suit your project.

Sample Core IP Tester (SCIP)

 Portable, hand-held rental equipment that can be used on your project site.