John Emerson

Non-Executive Director

John has a wide-spanning career in mineral exploration operations in Australia and globally, having spent 34 years with WMC Resources as Group Manager Logistics and Drilling and nine years as Operations Manager Exploration with BHP Billiton Nickel West.

John has a clear understanding of the exploration process from the initiation phase through to the execution phase. He has the ability to lead and develop people and teams to achieve the planned outcomes of the projects.

  • Risk Management: This is an all -encompassing issue and an important factor in the success of any project. A plan which formalizes the risks of each project is developed with collaboration of the contract parties, from which an agreed way forward is developed.
  • Technical: An in depth knowledge of all aspects of mineral exploration drilling, water well drilling, earthmoving and directional surveys.
  • Contracts: The use of contractors in the exploration process is common practice. John has proven he can negotiate and bed down contracts with management key performance indicators on costs, productivity, safety, equipment and a management structure that ensures the contracts are managed in a formal manner. This provides a win for both parties.
  • People: In all projects people are of major importance. John has a proven legacy of coaching, mentoring and developing people who work for him. This legacy is shown throughout the industry today
  • Technology-Innovation: The need for innovation and technology is important as holes are becoming deeper, searching for hidden ore bodies.

Before commencing in the mineral exploration industry, John was involved in agriculture in wheat and sheep share farming business.

John established Emerson Consultancy in March 2014 and has been consulting to industry in the area of mineral exploration operations (drilling). He joined the SGC Board in early 2015 and is now a Non-executive Director,  providing a wealth of external operational and industry experiences.