Kelsey Allen

Kelsey Allen Marketing Assistant

With over 30 years working with print and digital media I bring a wealth of experience to our team with my flair for design and an intuitive understanding of marketing and promotions. Worked with hundreds of clients across all sectors in Western Australia.

Emma James

Emma James Accountant

Following six years in bookkeeping roles, Emma completed her BCom in Accounting from Curtin University in 2011. She joined SGC in 2012 as Assistant Accountant and moved into the role of Financial Accountant in April 2013 after successfully achieving her CPA. Emma is responsible for all the day-to-day financial management activities of the company including […]

Liz Pugsley

Liz graduated from Edith Cowan University with a BSc in Information Technology and Mathematics in 1994. She joined SGC in 1995, initially doing geophysical data processing and administration.  As SGC grew in numbers, Liz was in charge of IT management including data archiving, backup strategies and IT support for all technical staff. With an intrinsic […]