The following is a useful collection of geophysical terms. Search through using the alphabetical shortcuts or the “Find” function in your web browser.


The shape of the electromagnetic pulse from a time-domain electromagnetic transmitter.

well log

A record describing geologic formations and well testing or development techniques used during well construction. Often refers to a geophysical well log in which the physical properties of the formations are measured by geophysical tools, E-logs, neutron logs, etc.

Werner deconvolution

An automated profile-based depth estimation method derived from S. Werner’s analysis of magnetic anomalies from sheet-like bodies. Polynomials representing a total field anomaly or its derivative (horizontal gradient) can be simultaneously solved to estimate the depth, dip, horizontal location, and susceptibility of the source body (thin sheet or interface).


A discrete portion of a gamma-ray spectrum or time-domain electromagnetic decay. The continuous energy spectrum or full-stream data are grouped into windows to reduce the number of samples, and reduce noise.