SGC provides a comprehensive range of data management and geographic information system (GIS) services utilising a range of software. Our team of spatial data experts can help you to organise, audit, access, and display all your datasets.

Data Management Strategies

We can help you to develop more effective data management strategies, addressing issues including:

  • Data collection, compilation and management
  • How best to view, display and query GIS layers
  • File folder and geo-database design
  • Overcoming multiple GIS formats and platforms – file conversion

Our Key Capabilities

These include:

  • Data – conversion, transformation and integration
  • Value adding – data interconnections
  • Smart strategies – corral and optimise data
  • Increase data availability and accessibility – sharing
  • Map compilations for surveys, proposals and ASX announcements
  • Hotlinking data – e.g. MapInfo ↔ Excel

Long Term Solutions

We can help you develop long-term solutions for efficient data management. This includes strategies to address data life cycle issues, specifically addressing how data should be:

created → stored → moved → used → (and finally) retired

Cartographic Services

We also offer cartographic services including:

  • Digitising historical maps
  • Standardising GIS
  • Creating legends
  • Map compilation