Antonio Huizi

Principal Geophysicist

Antonio completed his Geophysical Engineer degree at the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas Venezuela in 2004. After completion of his degree, he worked as a project geophysicist at TRX Consulting, where he was responsible for data acquisition, processing and interpretation of near-surface geophysical methods for engineering, environmental and minerals exploration applications in a variety of projects across Latin America.

In 2007, Antonio moved to Western Australia where he joined Elliott Geophysics International and became involved with airborne geophysics and also continued to develop his experience with electrical methods for minerals exploration.

In 2009, Antonio joined SGC where he was initially responsible for data processing and imaging of airborne geophysical surveys. During his time at SGC, he has continued to develop his skills across all aspects of geophysical exploration including survey design, data processing, interpretation and target generation with a special focus in generating geologically meaningful results to drive exploration programs.

Antonio is a member of the ASEG and EAGE.