We are pleased to share that Principal Geophysicist Ian James will attend the Seismix 2024 Symposium in Sweden from June 24 to 28. The Symposium is unique in the way that it brings together geoscientists from around the world in a quest to investigate the interior of the Earth using the latest technologies to unite active and passive source-imaging communities and those who study the Earth from the near-surface to exploration scale and down to the continental scale.

On Tuesday, he will present “Sparse and Crooked: Musings on Processing and Interpreting Deep Crustal Seismic Data”. Additionally, he is a co-author of two other notable presentations, “Rare Earth Element Deposits in the Lebowa Granite Suite in South Africa: Insights from 2D Reflection Seismic and Borehole Data” by Bibi Ayesha Jogee and “Broadband Seismics for Deep Gold Exploration at South Deep Gold Mine, South Africa” by Moyagabo Kenneth Rapetsoa.

Ian looks forward to connecting with other professionals in the field.

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