Exploring for minerals and metals under cover

Exploring for minerals and metals under cover: the right geophysics at the right scale in the right order

Let’s chat about geothermal and lithium brine play analysis, mineral exploration geophysics, structural geology, chance of success analysis.

  • Principal geoscientist of Route To Reserves: advisor from New Ventures to prospect generation to chance of success analysis.
  • Principal structural geologist (associate) of Southern Geoscience Consultants: Vancouver office.
  • Representative geologist for Bell Geospace at Geoconvention.

Senior exploration geoscientist with 16 years industry experience (petroleum, gold, copper, REE, cobalt) and a 2-year job writing the petroleum exploration logic to critical metals. Generates prospects from basin-scale to drill-ready status. He has expanded from structural geology roots and now guides multi-discipline exploration teams using probability of success, uncertainty and risk metrics.

Join Graham Banks at GeoConvention Partnership 2021. The presentation spans province- to borehole-scale exploration for metals and petroleum, and is co-authored by Steven OgilvieClare SlightamRob Hearst and Jane Cunneen.

Hope you can join in the discussion – http://ow.ly/Ul9h50G5Xyg