SGC has a wide range of geophysical equipment available for short and long term rental or hire. Full training on the safe, effective use of all rental equipment is available, including:

  • Equipment set up
  • Survey methodology
  • Data download and transfer
  • Basic field QC

Contact Antonio Huizi via Contact Us or call (+61) 08 6254 5000 or any query.


SGC has the following magnetometer systems available for rent:

  • Geometrics G-858 Cesium Vapour Magnetometer with integrated GPS receiver
  • Geometrics G-858G Cesium Vapour Gradiometer with integrated GPS receiver
  • Geometrics G-857 Proton Precession Magnetometer with integrated GPS receiver
  • Geometrics G-826 Proton Precession Magnetometer


SGC has the following radiometric / spectrometer systems available for rent:

Scintillometers – Total Counts Only

  • Scintrex BGS-1SL Hand-held Scintillometer
  • RS-111 Handy Scintillometer
  • Exploranium GR-110

Spectrometers – Separate Potassium, Thorium and Uranium channels

  • Gamma Surveyor – Handheld samples and Surface/Borehole sampling


SGC has the following EM systems and components available for rent:

  • Curtin CUT Single Component Receiver Coil
  • Smartem Receiver and Transmitter Controller
  • Zonge Z-T30 Transmitter
  • 7kVA Honda Generator
  • W600-4 600m Downhole Winch System
  • Slimline DHR-1S Probe
  • Fluxgate Sensor

Rock Properties

SGC has the following Physical Property measurement systems available for rent:

Magnetic Susceptibility / Conductivity

  • KT-20 SC Dual Frequency Magnetic Susceptibility & Conductivity Meter
  • SM-30 Pocket-sized Meter and optional RS232 PC Interface
  • magROCK Magnetic Susceptibility Meter
  • KT-5 Magnetic Susceptibility Meter
  • GCM-2 Conductivity Meter

Magnetic Viscosity

  • MVM1 Magnetic Viscosity Meter for testing SPM (super-paramagnetic) properties of soils and drill core specimens
  • Magnetic Viscosity Meter for calibrated ground and core SPM (super-paramagnetic) measurements

Chargeability and Resistivity (IP)

  • GDD SCIP Sample Core IP and Resistivity Tester for drill core and hand specimens
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